Respack Polychem Sdn. Bhd.

Compounding Value and Excellence

Previously known as Poly Temasek, Respack Polychem is a leading masterbatch and additives provider, manufacturing high quality, innovative and reliable solutions for the plastic industry.

Respack re-invented itself by forming a strategic partnership with DWJ Masterbatches Company Limited in 2015. This strategic alliance reflects Respack’s commitment towards serving our growing customer base.

DWJ Masterbatches is a well-established black colour masterbatch manufacturer specializing in PE/PP/ABS/PS/PC/PA based masterbatch. Equipped with cutting-edge German twin-screw extruders, DWJ produces black masterbatches from middle to the highest quality grade.

nRich B series Black Colour Masterbatch

  • Delivering superior tint strength, opacity and optimum optical properties
  • Consistent quality and ease of processing ensuring highest productivity on machine
  • Excellent dispersion and blend easily with polymer in wide processing conditions

nHance W series White Colour Masterbatch

  • Produced using advanced Twin Screw Production Technology from Germany
  • Excellent optical properties and processing

nBatch Colour Masterbatch

  • High thermal stability
  • Consistent colour in every lot
  • Excellent light fastness

nValue Calcium Carbonate Masterbatch

  • Cost saving on raw material with better bubble stability, enhanced impact, stiffness and tear strength performance
  • Enhancing process ability and extrusion output with easier handling, increased speed lines and faster converting times
  • Improving barrier for moisture and modifies for improved COF, printability, weld strengths and adhesion

nPower Functional Masterbatch

  • Improving the characteristics of numerous plastic products.
  • Our products portfolio includes:
    • nPowerAnti-block
    • nPower Slip agents
    • nPower Anti-slip
    • nPower Flame retardants
    • nPower Thermal (Anti-Oxidant) stabilizers
    • nPower UV-stabilizers
    • nPower Processing aids
    • nPowerPurge compounds
    • nPower Antistatic
    • nPower Antiwet