Easy & fast application, maximum load security

Hand stretch wrapping Excellence

Pre-stretched film is already programmed at its ultimate stretch, offering optimal load containment and consistent wrapping tension with minimum energy needed to apply. Application is so effortless that it allows wrapping moving forward, hence less back pain or Security risks &also much faster wrapping!

The film is bi-axially oriented and has thus higher tear and puncture resistance, meaning less breakages, down time (and frustration!) for the operator.

Ultra low gauge: light weight, easier handling (from 6um to 9um)

Oscillated film: zero damage to rolls’ edge means zero roll wasted


Ultra-low gauge, light weight.Wrap quickly & efficiently with minimum efforts at lowest cost of pallet wrapped. (Load A,B& C ok)

  • Width: 420-450 mm
  • Thickness: 4um, 5um, 6um, 7um, 8um.
  • 5-10% stretch.
  • One-side cling.
  • Available clear only.

Xtralite Pro™

Xtralite™ with Folded Edges: even less film breakages & additional roping effect for increased load containment

  • Width: 410-440 mm
  • Thickness: 4um, 5um, 6um
  • 5-10% stretch.
  • One-side cling.
  • Available clear only.

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