Still Studying? Get career experience with us.

With us, you will learn what you cannot learn in lecture auditorium: Practical management, marketing or production, insights into materials and markets – and the satisfaction of working as part of a team and taking responsibility for your first independent work.

At Respack, students do not spend time photocopying or making coffee but use their practice times to gather valuable work experience. We take you seriously and respect your knowledge: You can pass this on in team discussions! This allows you to establish contacts at an early stage and to prepare a future career at Respack.

At Respack you can get to know the numerous specialist fields and networks of a Global Player once you have successfully completed your basic study period. You can apply your theoretical knowledge to practical tasks.

  • Depending on the location, we offer internships in commercial and technical areas.
  • You will have a dedicated contact person and will be actively integrated into a team.
  • Would you like to take the opportunity? Convince us with your application!

Getting to know the working environment and gathering experience while developing yourself and your professional skills: As a student trainee you can discover and develop you individual strengths. As a growing international company we can offer diverse assignments and exciting insights. If you want to actively shape your future, you can get involved in our innovative teams: A collaboration that can prove highly worthwhile.

As a student trainee, you will combine work with studying during term time and work full-time during holidays. Naturally, you will get a fixed salary.

Your visiting card: Your final exams

If you do well in your final exams, your application to Respack will be even more interesting for us. We offer a host of interesting subjects ranging from exciting innovative research to international marketing. Your final exams do not just help you, but also expand our horizons: Your angle on a subject can also open new perspectives for us:

  • You have already completed an internship at Respack.
  • Or your professor recommends you because of your outstanding academic work.
  • You propose a topic or work which you find interesting.
  • You do your Bachelor’s or Master’s degree at Respack.
  • A personal advisor will advise and support you until you are finished.
  • Do you feel like studying in the middle of a practical environment?

We look forward to your application!

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