Specialty Stretch Films

prestretched pre-stretched hand rolls supplier folded edges flush core Malaysia manufacturer
Pre-stretched Pallet Wrap

Also available with folded edge technology – double thickness edge creating superior roping effect.

perforated stretch film
AirMax™ Perforated Stretch Film

Also known as vented or ventilated pallet wrap

Winter or Cold Room Film

Special resin formulation offers low modulus and allows the film to cling on slip even at lowest temperatures.

Anti-UV, UV-resistant hand and machine pallet wrap stretch film, produced by Malaysian manufacturer
Anti-UV Pallet Wrap

For loads stored in open air areas.

Pink antistatic, anti-static, electro-static discharge, ESD, hand and machine stretch film pallet wrap, produced by Malaysian manufacturer
Antistatic ESD Stretch Wrap

Recommended for applications sensitive to static electricity, an impregnated antistatic agent protects against the build-up of charges.

Mini roll mini-roll, bundling film, stretch film, stretch film supplier hand wrap Malaysia manufacturer
Mini Rolls of Bundling Film

Banding film with plastic handle dispenser.

Anti Corrosion Stretch Film

Vapor corrosion inhibitor (VCI).

Color opaque transparent pallet stretch film wrap hand machine produced in Malaysia manufacturer
Color: Opaque or Tinted Stretch Film

Differentiates your brand, avoids pilferage.

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