Markets We Serve

Respack Manufacturing offers flexible solutions to a wide range of industries:

Packaging for the transport of fruits and vegetables, seafood, meat & poultry, bread or dairy products. For direct food contact or lamination base, these products made from virgin resin comply to international food safety standards.

Industrial / Manufacturing

From semi-finished products like lamination base to form-fill-seal (FFS) bags, and mining bags to vapor corrosion inhibitors (VCI) bags, these products protect your manufactured goods or raw materials.


Products with special value added that can be used in electronics manufacturing, medical sector or emergencies support.


Bags and liners used by the building industry. They offer high resistance to stress and weatherability (impact resistance, heavy duty, humidity, heat, cold, UV, vapor barrier).


Products used in fields or orchards, to protect and transport crops, fruits, vegetables, or wood, made to perform even under harsh weather conditions.

Consumer / Retail

Bags and liners for the final consumers or commonly used in the retail or service industry.


Packaging that protect your goods during transit or storage/warehousing.