Case Study 5 - Carbonated Drinks Manufacturer In Philippines Cut Costs On Wrapping And Simplified Its Consumables Supply


Through the acquisition of 4 separate manufacturing plants, our customer ended up with a range of film suppliers providing a range of different stretch wrapping products on three different types of stretch wrapping machinery. Following this merge, we were approached to audit the pallet stretch wrapping usage across all four facilities to gain an in-depth working knowledge of each sites unique production processes, load profiles and stretch wrap requirements.


Respack coordinated a site audit and conducted tests to establish the exiting load containment, yield and application perimeters. Following this audit, Respack identified the areas of potential improvement and recommended machinery upgrades and film changes. Exiting power pre-stretch film carriage drive roller compound in the can filling production area was upgraded, thus allowing the use of a much lower gauge film whilst maintaining adequate film force and load integrity. Both the can making and powder blending lines were aligned to use the same gauge film, consolidating the number of films on site and streamlining our ordering process.


They work now with only 2 film grades instead of 5! Film savings of 22% have been achieved. The implementation of Respack’s unique Optimax program ensures regular onsite monitoring which gives the site personnel the assurance that loads are leaving the facility with the optimum stretch film application.