Case Study 6 - Helping A Large Food Distribution Group In Thailand To Make Significant Savings

An existing customer spending around USD 300,000 pa on stretch film, supplying Fresh and Frozen food products into the supermarket and multiples environment.


The company was using conventional stretch film, ranging from 12um to 17um, but the Group had the need to reduce cost and volume in their wrapping sector, so they contacted approached Respack for assistance.


We introduced them to Xtreme Edge and set up a project to trial the product, which involved the visit and survey of our three key sites, the trial of 8um super-stiff film, cost analysis and approval. These initial trials proved favorable, showing reduction of the unit cost / pallet, but also enhancing load stability through training by Timothy. The project was then rolled out to the twelve remaining sites, where exactly the same procedure was followed to ascertain the suitability of Xtreme Edge in our operations.


The project was a success, and the Group has now adopted Xtreme Edge as their preferred product. We expect to help them achieve savings of an average of 25% across the Group, although some sites will achieve beyond this where they were using 17um films.
The key to the success was that our team spent time with the operators and trained them in best practice use of what was a new concept to them, and ensured that they understood the need to apply the film correctly to get the best results, which translated into reduced film used, and thus the cost reductions that the client desired.