First and foremost, a Happy New Year 2019 to all of you!

Welcoming this year, the first thing that we must do is to challenge the ever-changing market head-on with the aim of overcoming any obstacles that the future presents. We have the experience to overcome any future difficulties with confidence. I am sure that we have the qualifications and capability to make a history of successful and positive decisions.

In 2019, let’s start working to be the best global company, which looks after the interest of our people, clients, and partners equally.

Respack has made great advances both domestically and internationally and acquired many long-term clients for 2018 and I would like to extend my thanks for your utmost efforts in contributing to our company’s progress last year.

Even as the business environment in 2019, locally and abroad, is expected to be uncertain, to successfully move forward this year, Respack will continue to move in a strategic direction where we will continue to create a difference in building a competitive advantage in the plastic packaging industry.

We will continue to invest in our research and development, particularly in the stretch film division where we will acquire another new line this year. Our R & D team will also spend more time and effort in developing new innovative products, which of course in 2018, our innovation efforts were recognized when we won the Innovative Award from the SME Corporation.

Secondly, Respack intends to explore new business opportunities both domestically and internationally, where we will be more aggressive in participating in trade shows and exhibitions this year. Last year, the company has managed to enter into new markets like the United States, where it presented a vast opportunity for expansion.

Thirdly, we have to establish a sustainable management system. Indeed, a company’s best qualities come out of a crisis situation. No matter what the financial conditions are, we need to make establishing a sustainable management system.

Finally, and what I believe is most important is the development of Respack’s employees. With difficult market conditions predicted, it is important for all members of Respack to be skilled and experienced in handling all situations that may arise during their day to day work. We will be allocating a large section of our budget towards educational training for all of our employees, helping everyone develop in their chosen field. I hope all management and employees take this opportunity to develop their own personal skills with the aim to enhance not only their own ability but that of Respack as a whole.

Again, all of this would not be possible without the support of our customers. Respack’s winning formula is actually pretty simple – treat our customers well, be responsive, and build the best solutions and services possible.

Amid all the noise and turmoil, we are focused on continuing to innovate and exceeding our customers’ expectations, and welcome any and all feedback. I hope to hear from you – with both positive notes as well as suggestions on how we can be better. It’s truly a privilege to lead our fantastic team and serve our remarkable customers. Thank you for your continued support and wishing you all a happy and healthy 2019.

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