Bringing joy and laughter to Happy Retirement Home

Every year, the team at Respack is reminded of some of the very important life lessons through community service. For the last two years, one of our major community service projects has been to visit the residents of the senior citizens home. This year, a team of about 35 brought cheer to the Happy Retirement Home in Kepala Batas, Penang.

"First of all, we want everyone to be comfortable with people of all ages," Administration Manager SR Ang said. "We want to teach them about community service and how to reach out to others who need love and care. We want them to look out instead of looking in. The residents just light up when we go. The young can learn a lot from the elderly, from their stories and their reminiscing, and at the same time, it gives the elderly a feeling of youth being around them."

The team brought with them daily necessities and Chinese New Year red packets as blessings to the elderly, and also took the opportunity to serve them lunch.

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