Bringing solutions to industrial packaging challenges, Respack manufacture a complete range of pallet stretch wraps, custom-made or eco-friendly bags and liners, and even raw materials for our fellow plastic converters.

Malaysia manufacturer producer pallet wrap stretch film hand machine roll
Stretch Film

For hand or machine applications, from conventional grades to the latest breakthroughs in cast film technology, Raptor™ pallet wraps are the evident solution to secure your loads at the lowest cost per pallet wrapped.

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flexible packaging HDPE MDPE LDPE LLDPE PE polythene polyethylene film sheet cover liner roll
Flexible Packaging

Our expertise in polyethylene formulations and blown film extrusion is at your service to cover your needs with custom-made protective packaging, bags and sheets in LDPE, MDPE or HDPE.

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Environmental friendly recycled biodegradable compostable oxo-degradable bag, sacks, liners, produced by Malaysian manufacturer
Eco Packaging

Our eco-friendly bags and liners are made from biodegradable & compostable biopolymers, recycled resins or with oxo-degradable additives

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masterbatch master batch compound concentrate color additives functional HDPE LDPE MDPE LLDPE polythene polyethylene PE granules blown film, injection

We share our expertise in colorants and additives for polymers and produce a broad range of masterbatches carefully formulated to meet most of plastic manufacturers’ requirements.

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How we keep up with the latest breakthroughs in polymer technology and the most recent improvements in packing automation.

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