Website Launch News 2018

Our website is a window on our world. It is also often the first contact new stakeholders have with us. So, we decided to improve the user’s experience of each key group (existing customers, leads, job seekers, suppliers) by bringing more clarity and a smoother browsing.

We also like to know the faces of the people we deal with, and because we assume our partners do so, we wanted to emphasize the human aspect of our organization. Employees’ presentations and testimonials, pictures of production floor with our colleagues, newsletters on our various activities, news posts and videos. We wanted to show who are the humans who compose Respack.

The biggest task has been to collect informations, to write the content, select the most relevant displays to have the informations immediately and easily accessible to our visitors, all of this with always keeping in mind to make clear with our new contacts that we are an authentic manufacturer.

An other challenge was also to showcase our production capabilities. We produce solutions to the industrial packaging industry, and plastic factories are not exactly the most glamorous environment one can dream of. However, it is what we love, what we do and who we are, and we’ve tried to let the visitors figure out what our day-to-day life is.

Like the International Space Station, this website will also be soon the result of an international collective effort with many various stakeholders from different horizons. Indeed, it will also offer Japanese, Korean, German, Spanish and French versions, so we’ve asked for help around us. Suppliers, customers, and even their relatives have committed to help bringing accurate translations of this website to the international public.

We would like to thank also Xavier and Annie from Maconn, our local website agency partner for their patience, support and availability throughout the set-up of this website.

Please share with us your valuable feedbacks on this new website!