Respack Launches Talent Program for Employees

As a young and progressive organization, Respack Group of Companies is serious in its commitment towards employee and talent growth, especially so with the rapid development of the entire company.

To ensure that employees are equipped with the necessary knowledge and skills to be ahead of the game, Respack recently launched its first ever Talent Acceleration Program (TAP) 2016. The program is designed to complement Respack’s core values – HONESTY, HARD WORK, and INTEGRITY – which have been supporting the company to mold its dynamic culture and its people.

In conjunction with the launch of the Talent Acceleration Program (TAP), Respack was pleased offer a full scholarship to one of its employees from the Quality Control department, Ms. Norashikin. The scholarship was awarded based on the performance and dedication shown from Ms. Norashikin.

“One of Respack’s strongest suit is the level of excellence in our customer service. That is why we should place even more importance in developing our people to achieve world-class service levels.” – C.K. Wan, Group Managing Director.

As Respack moves up the value chain in delivering and exceeding the expectation of its stakeholders and ensuring sustainable and profitable company growth, there is a need to develop leaders from within the company who are able to navigate the team and the company towards a brighter future.

This talent acceleration program is an 8 months-long program which objectives are:

  • To identify high potential and high performing individuals within the company
  • To increase the competency and accelerate the growth of selected individuals
  • To build leaders and drivers within the company in concurrent with the rapid expansion of the company.

“Although we are a fairly young company, it is never too early to set in motion plans of succession planning, which we believe will ensure the sustainability of our company, through investing into our greatest asset; our people.” – S.R. Ang, Director of Human Resources.

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