SME Innovation Excellence Award 2018

“Innovation is the ability to see change as an opportunity, not a threat”.

For the first time ever, Respack’s stretch film division has been bestowed the SME Innovation Excellence Award last year for our entry of AIRMAX™, our innovative ventilated and reinforced stretch film.

Being the first in Asia, this patent pending film delivers quality assurance and proper product value to the agricultural, floral, food and beverage businesses. AIRMAX™ is perfect for transporting products likely to get damaged by ripening gases, humidity, rust, mold or condensation, as well as products that need to chill or to freeze quickly. Used like other machine stretch films, its vent-holes allow air to circulate while the fiber-reinforced structure offers high load containment for an improved pallet securization at a lower cost.

The 2018 award theme ‘Local Innovation, Global Recognition’ aims to spur SMEs to champion innovation as a driving force of growth. The introduction of new, unique products to customers will differentiate Respack’s business from others, while venturing into worldwide markets has led to global presence and recognition. As the merits of innovation multiply, this year’s theme is a call for SMEs to infuse new thinking, technology, and talent into their business model.

The prestigious award was received by our Stretch Film Operations Manager Mr CW Poh.

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