Are you a professional? We offer the perspectives

In our teams you are not the “rookie” but a member of the team whose experience is welcomed and appreciated.

You are respected as a person and for your performance. This means: Your superiors recognize your commitment and are willing to listen to your ideas. They encourage you with interesting tasks and systematically promote your career planning.

You can take-on new functions, accept more responsibility and further your career. In this climate of cooperation, you will get better and so will Respack.

More than just one opportunity.

Our products – films, bags and liners – are as diverse as their applications. Newest technologies, customized and individual customer solutions and our legendary service are our yardstick. From bread bags to agricultural films, from your local place of work to one of our 4 locations in Malaysia. Can you imagine how many opportunities there are?

And what drives you?

If expertise and creativity are your driving forces, if sustainable quality is your goal and if you want to experience new opportunities for success:

We look forward to your application.

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